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(originally published in the May 2009 issue of Expat In Switzerland)

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Last week we launched our new sister site to ExpatInCH.com, SwissWebMall.com. SwissWebMall is a virtual shopping mall listing tens of retailers and service providers who supply Swiss households. A mix of international and Swiss companies are featured, grouped into sections as diverse as clothing, travel, food, electronics, books & magazine, insurance and more.

International retailers are featured only where they offer a combination of good value prices, the ability to dispatch goods to or service Switzerland, and the ability to complete the ordering process entirely in English. Swiss retailers are featured in order to support local companies, provide local currency prices and for the ease of shipment/negation of customs charges.

SwissWebMall will be further updated over the next week (May 14th-21st) to include many more retailers and to provide clearer indications on which companies are based in Switzerland, and a guide to customs charges on international orders. Please visit the site, bookmark it, and check back regularly.

We are regularly notified by the retailers featured at SwissWebMall of special offers and discount codes. To update our visitors of these offers we will be sending out a newsletter approximately twice per month, depending on the quality of offers available. If you would like to receive these free notifications sign up at
www.swisswebmall.com. The same rules apply to that newsletter mailing list as to this one, i.e. you will not be subjected to any spam emails.

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Please sign up here to receive our free monthly Expat In Switzerland newsletter including a what's on guide


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